Plug & Play Accelerator

Corporate Identity

The Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator serves as a launch pad for new ventures to provide immediate access to a sophisticated network and global infrastructure. Both companies were eager to invest their experience, expert-knowledge and resources by creating and implementing strong synergies between start-ups and existing networks. They asked us to develop everything from Logo to a Look & Feel. We took them by their word and locked ourselves inside our studio for two weeks. With the help of our fabulous intern we actually built our very own imagination of an accelerator. Our clients were… let’s say, puzzled.


Logo and Concept

The program is centered on cooperation between two companies as well as two major cities in the digital age: Berlin and Silicon Valley. Our Artwork (Logo design) expresses the extraordinary and powerful setup of this program: It connects people and spaces, bridges cultures and continents and unifies power and knowledge.



Axel Springer AG

Logos as well as the visual key should be stimulating and inspiring. We went for the most obvious difference between those two places, the different sockets are each simplified stereotypical facial expressions for the people, but also the symbol for one major network.

Plug & Play

Accelerator Logo

The logo reduces the sockets to their original forms and in turn unfolds the two hidden characters. Transforming the sockets into faces was intended to carry the humanity and emotion within this network connection and express its development. In the beginning the character remains silent and absorbs attraction and inspiration, the Character on the right illustrates the initial moment and origination of an idea.

Silicon Valley

Plug & Play Techcenter

Ever since I saw the American ‘friendly’ socket it stuck in my mind as this tiny random but omnipresent symbol for the ease of this country. Just as the straight-forward functional design of the German socket speaks volumes.

Design Idea

friedly machine

Axel Springer is the leading integrated multimedia company in Europe and is always out to set new standards. The accelerator can be seen as an actual device that is built on this creativity. It runs on ambition and produces a base for a successful modern business. The design speaks of this openness and sincerity, it is hand crafted rather than fine- drawn and invites you to put your hands in yourself and start creating.



HTML 5 Site

We did not want to reinvent the wheel here – We want you to do it. We intend to produce and express a somewhat ‘hyper creative space’. A playground for young creative minds to put their ideas in form. The rough and ‘unfinished’ appeal of the layout is there to inspire and motivate and insight immediate participation.

Print Works

Merch & Co

The Corporate Design is carried by the symbolic power of the logo. T-shirts and additional merchandising was employed to encourage the communal spirit.

Book of Fear

22.12.2012 - Illustration

The ‘Book of Fear’ refers to Septimus Winners original childrens rhyme ‘Ten Little Injuns’. A controversial song which was translated in many different languag- es and oftentimes misused in a xenophobic [...]

Flying Bach Logo

05.02.2013 - Logodesign

The basic idea behind the logo was to combine typical calligraphic styles of both eras, so we merged J.S. Bach’s marvelous signature with a splendid tag. We created […]


14.01.2013 - Coverdesign

Red Bull Wristband

05.02.2013 - Logodesign


14.01.2013 - Artwork

Red Bull Wristband

21.05.2013 - Logodesign

Just like Festivals are a meeting place for fun, lifestyle and music, this briefing felt like a playground to us. Those very unique, but at the same time super universal feelings, experiences and emotions [...]

Flying Bach Program

05.02.2013 - Campaign

Beside several sold out Broadway performances the Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour captures international stages in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and many more. Frank Esher Lämmer […]

Red Bull Sound Clash


Red Bull Soundclash Keyvisual The Roots drummer Ahmir „Questlove“ Thompson once said: „This event is basically creative friendly fire between two comrades – two groups who mutually admire […]


22.01.2014 - Campaign

CRUISEADORS Keyvisual For the exclusive Car Rental „Cruiseadors“ we created the hole visual identity. Logo and Keyvisual are build up complitly in 3d. The Logo combines the 5 […]

Red Bull Air Race

23.01.2014 - Campaign

Red Bull Flying Bach

12.02.2013 - Campaign

High culture meets urban art: When the Flying Steps and Red Bull first showed up and asked us to create an visual concept for their ambitious show from scratch, we knew we had a long road ahead [...]


14.01.2013 - Coverdesign

Semence Boutique

14.01.2013 - Logodesign

Red Bull Cliff Diving

05.02.2013 - Study

In our magical landscapes we exaggerated every relation and transformed entire island to gigantic cliffs. Famous landmarks were captured but found themselves in a completely different environment.

Plug & Play Accelerator


Tracy Chapman

Red Bull Cliff Diving Study

14.01.2013 - Study

In our magical landscapes we exaggerated every relation and transformed entire island to gigantic cliffs. Famous landmarks were captured but found themselves in a completely different environment.

Typo Study Flying Illusion

22.01.2014 - Study


23.01.2014 - Campaign

Anna Fischer

28.01.2013 - Artwork

Anna Fischer Landscape Portrait The major German public television station ARD wanted to shoot a portrait of the up and coming actress Anna Fischer. The shooting star actress […]

Flying Bach Visuals

Yamaha XS 400

14.01.2013 - Custom

Art of Musketeering

14.01.2013 - Campaign

Red Bull developed an internal training program for their sales representatives: The Art of Musketeering, which is learned through variety different sessions. We develop their logo as well the entire corporate design and anything else a true Musketeer must be equipped with. “All for one and one for all!” [...]

Sai Gon Taxi Girl Chess

14.01.2013 - Exhibition

Polarkreis 18

14.01.2013 - Webdesign

Similar to simple approach of the single portrait for the Tracy Chapman website, the Polarkreis 18 concept was based on a single universe. Scrolling ‘up’ the page to the retro- science fiction setting on the moon [...]

Flying Bach Magazine

14.01.2013 - Campaign

Frank Esher Lämmer and I have teamed up to develop a neat but functional ‘Master Playbill’. Our aim was to create a layout which could be easily adjusted to several languages, and changing typefaces.

Red Bull X-Fighters

05.02.2013 - Campaign

For both these sketches “Dirt Explosion” and “Dirt Collage, we used the renowned bike KTM 250. It is one of the most common and dependable bikes to perform […]

Red Bull Art of Camping

Red Bull Flying Illusion Merch

23.01.2014 - Artwork

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